Electrical networks

1. Electrical system - a part of the energy system, combining generators, switchgear, substations, power lines and electrical energy collectors.

2. Power Grid is the part of the electrical system, which includes substations and lines of different voltages. Electrical network intended to divide the distribution and supply.

Called the electrical supply network in which electricity is supplied to the distribution or area of ​​transformer substations. In Fig. 1.1 is a diagram of transmission of electrical energy from the source (power) to the consumer. Install generators at power AC voltage from 3.15 to 24 kW, depending on their capacity. During transmission over long distances in order to reduce losses and material savings of electricity cables in the generator voltage transformer increases.

Here's what the standard voltages and are approximate information about at what distance and in what capacity it is advisable to transfer power to a given voltage with minimal losses.

при каких мощностях целесообразно передавать электроэнергию на данном напряжении с наименьшими потерями

Table 1.0

In Fig. 1.1 up transformer 6/35 kV converts the voltage from 6 kV to 35 kV. Power line (PL) electric power is transferred with minimal losses to the district substations RTP and converted to a voltage of 10 kV. Powerline electricity supplied to transformer substation TP, providing electricity to villages, housing estates, areas of individual buildings, individual consumers, etc.

The distribution network of 0.4 / 0.23 kV (LDCs) electrical energy is distributed directly to consumers (country houses, apartment buildings, gardens, cottages, etc.).

Схема подачи электрической энергии от источника до потребителя

Figure 1.1. Scheme of electrical energy from the source to the consumer

ES - power, TP - consumer transformer substation 10/0, 4 kV RTP - the district transformer substation 35/10 kV VRS35, VRS10 - вспомогательнаяраспределительная network voltage of 35 kV and 10 kV, the LDCs - low-voltage consumer distribution network voltage 0.4 / 0 , 23 kV power lines - power line 35, 10,0,4 kV.
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