Triangular heating furnace

Triangular heating furnace (Fig. 91) can be uniformly heat just three rooms because all its three sides have the same heat transfer, while in the main square ovens heat into the room from the side walls, the same part of the room, which is located on the side of the furnace , heated enough. Additionally, the design allows for the possibility of triangular furnace connection with one side of the corner fireplace.

Треугольная отопительная печь
Fig. 91. Triangular heating furnace.

The complexity of the design of the furnace is that the clutch will polish a large number of bricks. As you know, crushed brick and hewn relatively quickly loses its structural properties and destroyed by changes in temperature. In order to prevent rapid destruction of the oven before you start laying it, check how well to splitting and stesyvaniyu prepared red brick. In the event that the quality is poor, brick may well split in half, but stesyvanii corners will crumble, which would increase the use of materials on masonry oven.
Laying sequence is shown in Figure 92.

Последовательность кладки треугольной печи
Последовательность кладки треугольной печи

Последовательность кладки треугольной печи

Fig. 92. The sequence of triangular masonry oven.

Since triangular stoves for heating, you can use any solid fuel, laying its combustion chamber made of refractory bricks.
Materials for masonry stove:
- Brick red - 580 pc.
- Refractory bricks - 35 pc.
- Furnace door is 250 x 210 mm - 1 piece.
- The ash-pit door 140 x 140 mm - 1 piece.
- The clean door 140 x 140 mm - 4 pc.
- Grill grate 250 x 250 mm - 1 piece.
- Gate valve 130 x 240 mm - 1 piece.
- Gate valve 240 x 130 mm - 1 piece.
- List predtopochny 500 x 700 mm - 1 piece.
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