Heating and cooking stove "Swede"

Furnace "Swede" (Fig. 89) is usually laid out in small houses, the area does not exceed 30 m.
Located furnace should read: front side with a furnace and stove goes into the kitchen, and the back wall - the room.

Отопительно-варочная печь «Шведка»
Fig. 89. Heating and cooking stove "Swede".

Important advantages of heating and cooking stoves "Swede" is its small size and efficiency. For heating the oven for the entire heating season takes about 1.5 tons of coal. You can use the stove and firewood. When masonry oven, be aware that when used as fuel wood furnace door will drop one row, you must also put longer grates. Size furnace are: Length - 1010 mm, width - 880 mm, height - 2170 mm.
Materials for masonry stove:
- Bricks, including refractory, - 680 pc.
- Furnace door is 210 x 250 mm - 1 piece.
- The ash-pit door 140 x 140 mm - 1 piece.
- Cleaning the door 140 x 140 mm - 5 pc.
- Cast iron plates 410 x 710 mm - 1 piece.
- Oven 450 x 360 x 300 mm - 1 piece.
- Grate pieces (300 mm) - 10 pc.
- Steel Angle 40 x 40 x 4 mm - 2 m;
- Sheet steel - 2 m;
- List predtopochny 500 x 700 mm - 1 piece.
Laying sequence is shown in Figure 90.

Последовательность кладки печи «Шведка»

Последовательность кладки печи «Шведка»

Fig. 90. The sequence of masonry ovens "Swede".

1st 2nd series - bricks laid flat to meet the size and rectangular base. N-th row - forming Zolnikova camera and installing the clean ash-pit and three doors.
4th row - is laid out similarly W-th row with respect ligation sutures.
5th row - setting the grate and oven, overlapping the ash-pit door and three doors cleaning.

b-th row - forming the combustion chamber. Between the furnace and fire brick oven should be put on edge.
7th row - the formation of the back wall flues.
8th row - the overlap between the back wall of the duct and the vertical channels oven heating shield in accordance with poryadovkoy.
9th row - the final flue overlap between the back of the oven and vertical channels of the heating panel.
10th row - overlap the firebox door and the oven. After the completion of laying of the 10th series in the corner of the front of the stacked cast iron plate and angle iron, whose dimensions are 1000 x 40 x 40 mm. Top of the oven pre-layer of thick solution glinopeschanogo 10-20 mm. Partition between the oven and the combustion chamber should also be raised to 10-20 mm and equalize with a layer of mortar. Angle iron attached with steel wire perezhzhennoy.
11th row - channel device complete overlap between the plate and the right-hand side wall.
12-1b-th series - the formation of the cooking chamber and three vertical flues in accordance with poryadovkoy.
17-18-th series - at a pre-laid flat steel and angle steel cooking chamber is covered.
19-20-th series - installation of two cleansing flues front of the oven.
21-28th series - forming flues in accordance with poryadovkoy. At the 27th row should install a smoke damper.
29th row - upper floor masonry flues extension by 50 mm both in length and width, which forms a ledge-ledge.
30th row - second row overlap with the length and width of the masonry by 50 mm.
31 th row - the width and length of the overlap is brought to the size of the 27th series.
32nd row - laid foundation Push-tube five bricks.
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