Rectangular thick-heating furnace (OPT-11)

Oven OPT-11 (Fig. 85) has one of the highest rates of heat output - 4900 Tues

Печь ОПТ-11

Fig. 85. Oven OPT-11.

The sides of the firebox and the first two channels futeriruyutsya firebrick. Lining is a quarter brick. Hot gases rise from the furnace under the floor, located on the first row 1b masonry, and, hitting on him on two channels are omitted. Due to this movement of gases the furnace gets warm. The flue gases pass through the lower zone, rising to the upper cap, divided by four walls, give off heat and overlapping partitions, fall in and out through the chimney. In the event that the furnace and ash-pit door closed tightly, the chimney can install one bolt.
When the lining of the fire and sunk channels should be aware that the top of the chimney must not touch the floor laying, because when heated brickwork to expand, resulting in a horizontal joint between its rows can be revealed. In addition, it is not recommended to dress a brick wall between the firebox and the lining.
Since the firebox is in the end the oven, it can be installed in the partition between two adjacent rooms. Furnace furnace is from the corridor or other parts of the house.
Materials for masonry stove:
- Ordinary brick - 510 pc.
- Refractory bricks - 250 pc.
- Grill grate 252 x 300 mm - 1 piece.
- Furnace door is 250 x 205 mm - 1 piece.
- The ash-pit door 130 x 140 mm - 1 piece.
- The clean door 130 x 140 mm - 2 pc.
- Smoke damper 130 x 240 mm - 2 pc.
- List predtopochny 500 x 700 mm - 1 piece.
Laying sequence is shown in Figure 86.

Последовательность кладки печи ОПТ-11

Последовательность кладки печи ОПТ-11

Fig. 86. The sequence of masonry stoves OPT-11.

1st row - laying the basis of size 1660 x 640 mm from a brick.
2nd row - site preparation for ash. Middle right side brick wall should stesat.
Third row - setting the ash-pit door.
4th row - masonry is similar to the 3rd row in compliance with bandaging joints. Strengthened ash-pit door.
5th row - installation cleaning standpipe under two channels.
6th row - mounted grate. Between brick firebox door and grate abate towards the grating.
7th row - floor cleaning, installation of the firebox door.
8-13th rows - the formation of the combustion chamber, two sunk and one lifting the smoke channel.
10th series covers the firebox door.
14-16-th series - formation of the horizontal channel of the transition between the ceiling and two standpipe channels and lifting the back of the channel.
17-19-th series - arranged floor furnace and sunk two channels, with one flue lifting channel remains open.
20-21-th series - installation and cleaning of door reinforcement overlap.
22th row - overlapping door cleaning.
23-28th series - the formation of the upper part of the furnace flues in accordance with poryadovkoy. On
26th row set lock.
29-32-th series - overlapping unit furnace. At the 30th row establishes a second valve.
33-34th series - forming the chimney. Masonry is five bricks.
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