Russian furnace

Russian stove, besides a number of advantages, and so has the disadvantage, as the predominant heating only the upper layers of air. However, it still remains one of the most popular types of ovens that combine heating and cooking function.

Устройство русской печи

Fig. 63. The unit of the Russian stove: a - podpeche b - a niche, in - perch, d - the crucible, and e - dushnik, e - shield, g - gate, and h - chimney and - overlapping Horn.

The component parts of an ordinary Russian oven are shown in Figure 63. Russian ovens are large, medium and small. Here we consider the case of a small construction furnace having dimensions 1270 x 650 x 2380 mm. For her, you will need the following materials:
- Ordinary brick - 1610 pc.
- A solution of clay - 1200 l;
- Damper steel sheet 430 x 340 mm - 1 piece.
- Valve vyushechnaya 300 x 300 mm - 2 pc.
- Samovarnik 140 x 140 mm - 1 piece.
Laying sequence is shown in Figure 64.

Последовательность кладки русской печи
Fig. 64. Sequence masonry Russian stove: a - general view, b - a sequence of masonry.

1st row - reupload podpechya. Masonry is mainly from a brick on a solution intended for the foundation.
2-4-th series - masonry well with compulsory ligation sutures. On the one hand it is necessary to leave an opening for podpechya.
5th row - beginning of masonry arch over podpechem. Pyatami side rows are laid out to support the arch, they erect formwork.
6th and 7th rows - vault ceiling podpeche.
8th row - lock the vault.
9th and 10th rows - laying one brick.
11th row - putting some overlap "cold stove", located on podpechem. The space inside the masonry poured and leveled with a slope from the back of the cooking chamber to the hearth.
12th row - masonry hearth, which is usually carried out in a special brick hearth. Under sprinkled fine sand and level the brick.
13th row - the first row of the cooking chamber, laid out in 3/4 brick. Corner brick front wall must hewn angle 450 and fasten the lock. In this series of masonry is not connected, bandaging joints required.
14-16-th series - put as 13th row.
17th row - laying arch mouth and laying under the arch of foot cooking chamber. Masonry toe used stesanny brick placed edgewise.
18th row - masonry wall ovens and stoves. Alternatively, you can fill the space between the vault and the walls of the cooking chamber with sand or clay mortar with brick rubble as filler.
19th row - putting some walls of the arch, arched ceiling unit openings over hearth.
20th row - lopped using bricks, reduce the hole above the hearth (peretrube), and also make the overlap of the canal for samovarnika.
21 th row - alignment of walls and decrease peretrubya.
22th row - peretrubya reduction. Bookmark samovarnika channel. Brick to the right peretrubya abate, laying on a set of aligned. Spread box black.
23rd series - arranged samovarnik that closes the lid.
24-32-th series - set vyushechnye valves.
With a 32-row starts laying pipe section Flue 2 bricks.
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