Rectangular heating oven (model 1)

This furnace has dimensions 510 x 890 x 2380 mm (Fig. 61). The firebox of the furnace is located in the lower part, and its walls are the walls of the furnace at the same time, due to what is achieved predominantly bottom heat.

Прямоугольная отопительная печь

Fig. 61. Rectangular heating furnace, model 1 (dimensions in cm): a - device b - a sequence of masonry.

- Ordinary brick - 245 pc.
- Refractory bricks - 110 pc.
- Clay Common - 0.2 m
- Clay fireclay - 12 kg;
- Sand - 0.2 m
- Furnace door is 250 x 200 mm - 1 piece.
- The ash-pit door 130 x 140 mm - 1 piece.
- The clean door 130 x 140 mm - 2 pc.
- Valve vyushechnaya 130 x 130 mm - 2 pc.
- Grill grate 250 x 250 mm - 1 piece.
- Only for waterproofing - 100 m
1st row - in the corners put three-quarter brick, front wall spread butting. Abate over the upper edges of the two middle brick, making the slope in the direction of the bottom ash (section A-A).
The space between the back of the ash pan and the outer wall of the furnace to sleep with dry sand to the third series, inclusive.
2nd row - set the ash-pit door in the center of the front wall, on either side of it put trehchetvertki, more are laying out a full-bricks.
Third row - increasing clutch. When all the bricks are laid, over the front of ash placed steel strip 4 x 35 cm
4th row - on the steel strip is placed overlapping Zolnikova camera. In the back of the top of a sand filling brick.
5th row - set over the grate ash pan. The bricks on the front and back of it, abate so as to obtain a bevel to rolling coal on the grid.
6th row - set the furnace door. Abate brick back wall so that their slopes are in the same inclined plane sloping bricks from the previous row.
7-12th rows - masonry firebox in half brick compulsory ligation sutures.
13th row - issues for closing the firebox on the front wall and part of the side. Trehchetvertok laid out.
14th and 15th rows - laying floors on fuel cells. In the back of the left hole, which serves to connect the firebox with a vertical channel.
16th row - the clean installation of doors. Right door is based on half-brick, put on edge. For isolation of the fire from the upstream flues shelf behind door cover glinotsementnym solution.
17-20-th series - placed vertical flue channels.
21 th and 22 th series - lifting and descending channels are connected. Here ends crosscuts separating rear lift channel and average standpipe channel.
23rd and 24th rows - laying floor rear and center channels.
25th and 26th rows - setting the clean door. Podvertka the mean channel of the second tier to the chimney.
27th row - beginning masonry flues second tier.
28th row - setting vyushechnoy valves.
29-30th series - masonry flues second tier.
31 th row - laying overlapping issues for furnace.
32nd series - start overlapping masonry stove is the compulsory ligation sutures. To reduce the loss of heat to install the second vyushechnuyu catch.
33rd and 34th rows - overlapping masonry oven.
35th row and then - masonry chimney section of 13 x 13 cm

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