What are heating furnace

Heating stoves vary in length inserts (both short-and long burning) on ​​the heat transfer and the degree of warming (moderate or high). Moderate warming oven walls have a thickness of not less than half a brick, they are slowly heated in the furnace and hold heat for a long time (with one or two burners at night in a room maintained a nearly constant temperature of the air).
Their surface is heated to a temperature of not more than 55-60 ° C, in some places - up to 85-90 ° C. This eliminates the sticking of dust on the surface of the furnace and improve sanitary conditions in the room. Clutches of these furnaces require a lot of material and a solid foundation.
At high heating furnace walls thinner - in a half-brick, or a quarter of a brick. They quickly warmed up and cooled down just as fast. Temperature of the oven, on average 65-75 ° C, and in some places reaches 120 ° C. They are often burnt dust, exuding a foul odor. These stoves do not support a uniform temperature in the room and therefore inferior to a moderate warming ovens. Their construction requires less material, usually in the furnace firebox and the bottom of the furnace spread in a half-brick, and the rest - in the quarter-brick.
Heating furnaces, heat transfer is from 1300 to 4000 kcal / h We must note, however, that the heating of the room and maintain it at a constant temperature of normal stoves not only depend on heat oven (although that is the determining factor), but also on the insulating properties of the room (at home).
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