Damage control

Sometimes it becomes necessary to disassemble the clutch, for example, if the error was made. To disassemble the masonry using a special set of tools. For manual handling requires the following tools:
- Pneumatic jackhammers and elektromolotki;
- Jumpers;
- Kirk;
- Boaster;
- Steel scrap;
- Wedges;
- Punch or drill.
Round holes punched 30-50 mm bolts, which are made of steel tube, one end has the teeth of a saw-tooth shape, and the other end tapered.
For punching slots and grooves used boaster. When disassembling the foundations use scrap pick, wedge.
When restoring masonry uses the same tools as the first of its construction.
Manual disassembly of brick masonry in cement mortar or low grades do crowbars, picks, hitting them on the horizontal seam under the bed brick. The sharp end of the cleaning solution with a pickaxe brick and down the chutes closed, this same method is lowered resulting from the cleaning of brick rubble. On solid masonry cement slurries dismantled boaster or steel wedges, clogs sledgehammer blows at horizontal joints.
When removing rubble stones break out with a pick, crowbar, wedges or jackhammer. Dismantling of masonry with wedges and a sledgehammer is best done with an assistant, and in this case, one directs the seam masonry holder inserted in the wedge, and the other scored it in the clutch with a sledgehammer.
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