Brick pits

Brick wells do with underground pipelines and the construction of buildings with a ground unit. Depending on the purpose and size of wells spread round or rectangular with walls at least one brick.
Wells used for masonry ceramic bricks and cement-lime or cement mortars.
Prior to the laying of the well-aligned to suit the ground concrete base thickness of 10-15 cm
After placing and curing of concrete on the basis that you partition the well, the well point to round its center, and the inner circle for a square - the longitudinal and transverse axis, the inner and outer faces of the walls. Then they prepare and lay bricks, spread mortar and brick is laid in the normal order.
Round wells spread bonder series. Bricks arranged so that their faces bonder formed inside of a well defined diameter. Dressing masonry do by moving the adjacent rows of bricks in a quarter brick. Vertical seams on the inner surface of masonry shall be completely filled with water.
Significantly broadened the outside masonry joints should also be well filled with mortar, especially when constructing wells in wet soils. For small diameter wells these seams sealed with a solution, and in the large-diameter wells - saving solution - rasschebenivayut seams.
Round wells are usually at the bottom of the cooking chamber, the diameter of which is much larger than the diameter of the upper (neck). The transition from the chamber to the neck make the gradual overlap, whose value in each row of masonry between 1.5 W cm Narrowing masonry satisfied only three sides, leaving one side of the vertical height of the entire well. On this side of the set running brackets that are buried in the course of laying a brick wall in 5-B series in height staggered in such a way as to form a ladder. For more details on the construction of brick and stone wells will be written in the application.
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