Stove with oven

Often boards put directly on the floor or planted a wooden board (if the floor is strong enough), but it is better to do on the base plate, in which case the strength of the floor does not matter. Heat transfer plates depends on their size and usually do not exceed 900 kkalIch. In order to make better use of the heat generated from the combustion of fuel, stoves, often combine with heating plates.
Plates can be of different sizes, varying degrees of difficulty, with a different number of burners.
Simple boards have only the firebox (furnace), closed at the top cast iron or cast iron deck plate with rings.
Plates of medium complexity, except plates with rings, often have more and oven. Complex plate, usually fitted with an oven and a hot-water box. In simple slabs of hot gases from the combustion of fuel, sent a cast iron or cast iron floor plate, and then to withdraw the pipe or radiator guard.

This plate (Fig. 94) has parameters 1020 x 640 x 770 mm (length, width, height) and is designed for cast iron floor (or five plates with rings) 530 x 900 mm.
Кухонная плита с духовым шкафом

Fig. 94. Stove with oven 1 - oven, 2 - Cleaning 3 - firebox, 4 - ashpan.

If the flooring has a different size, you need to amend the width and length of the slab. Same channels within it should be the same. This stove provides heat kkalIch 600 (with two furnaces in the day).
- Ordinary red brick - 175 pc.
- A solution of clay - 50 l;
- Steel roofing, sheet predtopochny 500 x 700 mm - 1 piece.
- Steel roof slab under 1020 x 640 mm - 1 piece.
- Felt the building - 1 kg;
- Tape steel 25 x 15 mm - 1.2 m;
- Corner of steel strapping, 30 x 30 x 4 mm - 8 pc.
- Cast iron floor plates 530 x 180 mm, with hot plates - 5 pc.
- Brass cabinet 350 x 350 x 450 mm - 1 piece.
- Furnace door is 250 x 210 mm - 1 piece.
- The ash-pit door 130 x 140 mm - 1 piece.
- The clean door 130 x 140 mm - 1 piece.
- Valve (damper) Smoke 130 x 130 mm - 1 piece.
- Grill grate 250 x 180 mm - 1 piece.
The clutch plate should be carried out in strict accordance with poryadovkoy (Fig. 95).

Последовательность кладк и кухонной плиты с духовым шкафом
Fig. 95. The sequence of the eggs and a stove with an oven (dimensions in cm).

The joints between the bricks is filled with clay mortar, keeping them the same width throughout the masonry. In the process of laying should be checked periodically vertical wall plate. For the strength of masonry bricks are laid in a row with the strict observance tying sutures. If you are laying on the floor or planted a wooden board, you must first prepare the site. On the floor (or on a wooden board) placed two layers of sheet asbestos or sheet of felt, well soaked in a clay solution, and covered with a sheet of roofing steel, cut the size of the fire. Sheet nailed to the floor (the shield), and once, he felt the edge of the cut or asbestos. Steel sheet coated with clay mortar, and then spread on a first row of bricks, also fastened together by a clay mortar.
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