General information about the buildings

Before you begin any of the stone and concrete work, you need to learn the characteristics and elements of buildings.
The building is a building system that consists of carrying and protecting structures or combined, forming a land enclosed area designed for residence or stay of people, depending on the functionality.

Qualitative characteristics of buildings

Quality requirements for buildings, can be summarized in three main points: the strength and stability, capital, operational quality.

The strength and stability of the building
To ensure sound construction and calculation of load-bearing elements.

Capital building
This concept includes such indicators as durability and fire resistance of the building.
Durability - the life of the building in which it retains its strength, stability, and its performance.
The basis of this parameter is the life of the main structural elements - foundations, walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, which, in turn, depends on the resistance of the materials used (frost-and water-resistance, resistance to rot and corrosion). Affect the durability and quality of construction and compliance with operating rules.
Life Cycle constructions are divided into three levels. The first - at least 100 years, the second - at least 50 years, and the third - at least 20 years.

Fire resistance depends on the flammability and fire resistance of building materials. For groups of materials are divided into non-combustible, flammable and nonflammable. Fire resistance is determined by the duration of resistance of materials and designs to fire and high temperatures. In order to improve the fire resistance of structures, they are divided into parts barriers that prevent the spread of fire (for example, blank brick walls).

The performance of the building
Depend on the composition, size and volume of the space, quality finishes, internal improvement, the availability of technical equipment: water supply, heating, drainage, lighting, etc.
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