Mini fireplace for a country house

Mini-size fireplace for a country house is 1020 x 510 mm.
Materials for masonry fireplace:
- Ceramic bricks - Z00 piece.
- Grill grate 140 x 180 mm - 1 piece.
- The clean door 160 x 270 mm - 1 piece.
- Dushnik 1Z0 1Z0 x mm - 4 pc.
- Stainless steel for the screen - 0.5 m;
- Valve furnace 1Z0 x 260 mm - 1 piece.
Number of bricks can vary depending on the height of the room. Ceiling beam furnace is a jumper that put forward by 60-70 mm. It is necessary not only to make the fireplace architectural expression, but also to increase the depth of the fire. In bricks intended for the device jumper should stesat corner. After you have laid jamb, set formwork so that it is evenly down at razopalublivanii. Masonry bridge is on a complex solution from both sides simultaneously. Masonry joints attached wedge shape.
The sides should be deployed at 25 °. Running back with the tabs on the 11-12th rows of masonry, necessary in order to smoke the tooth, and the pins, designed for attaching the metal screen. If you want, you can do incline and a rear wall, but it will take to make additional Tesco brick.
The side walls of the fireplace are arranged vertical channels in which to circulate the heated walls of the firebox room air entering through openings arranged in the lower part of the side walls of the fireplace, and going into the room through Duszniki located at 1h to 14th rows of masonry. Clean it door to remove the soot and ash is installed on the back of the flue gas box. Fireplace flue size are 260 x 1Z0 mm. It overlaps stove bolt, which can be installed in any convenient location.
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