Corner fireplace

When installing corner fireplace in a wooden house or a house with wooden partitions to arrange fire cuts.
Materials for masonry fireplace:
- Ceramic bricks - 500 pc.
- The clean door 130 x 140 mm - 2 pc.
- Grill grate 250 x 250 mm - 1 piece.
- Stainless steel sheet, thickness 2.3 mm - 1 piece.
- Asbestos sheet - 1.5 m;
- Steel wire 02 mm - 10 m
The bottom of the combustion chamber is laid out so that there can be fitted grate. Ash camera can do the ash-pit door, or place it in a box to collect the ashes. Closing and opening of the ash-pit holes do not have much effect on traction fireplace.
Dimensions of furnace hearth is 620 x 520 mm. It is covered by an arched bridge, which is made with masonry ledge 50-60 mm. 12-14 m in the back rows are laid out projections that form the smoke tooth.
In the corner fireplace is installed metal screen. He fastened with steel pins, which are laid in the masonry joints between the 7 th and 8 th and 14 th and 15 th next.
The back of the combustion chamber can be laid with a slope, but in this case, the brick will abate to give it a wedge shape. It should be remembered that the brick can be laid inside the combustion chamber hewn side.
On 16-17th rows of masonry facade wall set the clean door is designed to remove soot and ash from the smoke of the tooth.
For 17-18-m rows of masonry arranged Duszniki.
Corner fireplace design a device in the flue channel steel insert that measures 260 x 130 mm. The height is determined by the steel box on which row will be installed valve. When the location of the fireplace on the ground floor can be installed above the attic floor latches. Unit covering the chimney in a metal box requires a master masonry qualifications and additional time.
Metal box should impose a brick with a clearance of 10 mm. For 22-23-m rows of masonry arranged two holes on the facade of the fireplace needed for air circulation, which warmed by steel pipe will rise and leave the room through the ceiling set Duszniki.
Masonry chimney should be reinforced, because the thickness of the wall at the corner joints can be up to 50-60 mm, which is not enough for a firm bandage stitches. Gaps formed in the contact points between the iron pipe and brick, compressed asbestos.
Corner fireplace can be laid out and no-iron pipe insertion. In this case, the back of the masonry chimney is performed by a brick. Damper in the chimney are not satisfied.
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