Bath under the house

If the basement of your house is big enough and dry, it is possible to arrange a comfortable bath with steam, wash with a bath and a shower and toilet with external vestibule (Fig. 131).

План бани под домом

Fig. 131. Bath under the house plan: a - steam, b - washing, in - waiting room, d - toilet 1 - oven-stove, 2 - boiler for hot water, 3 - keg 4 - pipe radiator, 5-double ceiling b - inflatable mattress, 7 - tower-chimney, 8-foundation under the stove on the first floor, 9 - grille, 10 - bath-shower, 11 - Cold water, 12 - produhi in the basement, 13 - Rise: 14 - sloping staircase - descent from the first floor, 15 - remote control heating elements, well pump, fans and lighting.

Three foundation walls coincide with bath house foundation, and the fourth is laid out in red brick. Concrete floor and ceiling. Gender and panels to a height of 70-80 cm are faced with ceramic tiles. The upper part of the walls, ceiling, doors and walls are sheathed wooden planks.
Special attention is paid to such bath drain device, which not only has to take the used water, but also to prevent the formation of unpleasant odors. For this we need to make concrete the vertical shaft to the upper horizontal section of 50 x 50 cm so that she went to the 2/3 to the steam room and the third in the washer.

Shaft depth exceed the depth of frost penetration in your area, but in any case it should not be less than 50 cm from the mine used water enters the pipe diameter of 11 - 15 cm, which is installed with a slight slope and output beyond the infield.
Input pipe should be embedded stainless steel grille.
At the upper end of the shaft is installed around the perimeter of the double square metal corners. Inside this square metal grid attached small clearing. The floor should have a slight slope to the mine, and that no water was flowing past the grid, from the floor to make a small canopy over the shaft (S cm).
Foundation for the bath to be tape. It is made of concrete to freezing depth plus 15 cm from the brickwork it is separated from the roofing and waterproofing resin.
The ground under the floor is leveled and covered with two layers of plastic film and one layer of roofing material. Thus obtained the waterproofing layer is filled with a solution of cement and sand (10 cm) and a stronger reinforcement. A week later, the valve is placed insulation - roofing felt bombarded from above or expanded clay gravel. Insulation layer again filled with mortar, over which is placed a metal armature. Finished floor is covered with ceramic tiles.
To concrete made with a slight bias towards the drain mines, placed second - wood. It can be made in the form of removable grids of thick boards, which are mounted horizontally on joists with oak pins.
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