Concreting the pool

During the construction of swimming pools are also performed concrete work. Let's consider a variant of the pool depth of 0.7-1 m and an area of ​​4 m
When clearing a site for a future pool, note that each side must also be clear and level the top 50 cm soil layer. On the finished floor with boards laid out the outline Basin (off the shelf width plus two wall thickness).
Once the trench is dug, its walls are carefully aligned with a trowel.
Then the bottom and walls of the pool should be covered with a waterproofing material, the best roofing material, securing it to the circuit boards.
In the bottom of the pool next to one of the walls of the weir is installed. He is out of the ordinary water pipe diameter 3-3.5 cm in the top of the weir threaded.
Bottom of the pool is lined with a slight bias towards the weir and concreted. After an hour on the first layer of concrete placed fittings and a second layer of concrete. When the concrete hardens completely, you can start concreting the walls, but the pre-finished bottom of the pool should be covered with boards or other material to avoid damage during subsequent operations.
Pool wall concreted using formwork made of planks 2-2.5 cm for convenience of boards slipping four shields, one on each wall. The order of concrete basin is shown in Figure 129.

Бетонирование прямоугольного бассейна для купания

Fig. 129. Concreting of the rectangular swimming pool: a - excavation and installation of circuit boards, b - installing reinforcement and concreting of the floor, and in - the formwork and concreting of walls, d - blind area around the pool.

The solution is made from cement and sand in the ratio of 1: 6. Instead of sand, you can use pea gravel. The solution is spread around the perimeter of the pool in small pieces and thoroughly compacted. As the filling concrete formwork boards removed from it, fixing the thickness of the walls. After about a week the formwork can be removed, and the walls cleaned. The floor and walls of the pool are laid with ceramic tiles or painted with waterproof paint.
For the removal of excess water and remove dirt from the surface of the pool at the very top part of the overflow pipe must be installed, which can turn an ordinary water pipe with a nozzle from an old vacuum cleaner. In large pools for this purpose is a concrete spillway ditch. In a rectangular basin is desirable to do two watershed in the corners, as they accumulate a lot of dirt.
Discharge water to the concrete sump 80 x 80 cm, closed for security cover. Water from the water separator can be used for watering the garden or vegetable garden.
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