Concrete floor

Consider the performance of the concrete floor on the example of the bath. The bath is preferred wooden floors, but in the washer and steam can make concrete floors, carpeted them with wooden bars.
Before proceeding to the flooring, in the washer and steam to make the foundation under the stove, heater and system for removal of water used. In the ground, it is easy to pass water, as such a system can dig a small hole and fill it with crushed stone, gravel or sand. In bad ground overlooking the water necessary to make a pit, where water would accumulate, and then on the overflow pipe the output to the absorption pit outside bath (Fig. 128).

Конструкция бетонного пола
Fig. 128. The design of the concrete floor: 1 - inner lining frame walls, 2 - vapor barrier walls, and 3 - Waterproofing 4 - foundation, 4 - Crushed stone and gravel bedding, b - concrete with insulating filler, 7 - leveling cement screed, 8 - coating of ceramic tiles 9 - vodslivnaya pipe, 10 - wooden lattice, 11 - drain grate, 12 - Shield water seal, 13 - pit.

Typically, the thickness of the concrete floor is 4-5 cm, but it is necessary for him to do podsypku of gravel and sand 10-15 cm thick floor should have a slight tilt toward the pit. It is covered with ceramic tiles.
To insulate a floor, concrete or concrete block must be added between the two layers of concrete to put a layer of insulation.
The gap between the floor and the wall is filled with bitumen, and the pit is placed drain grate. For more details about the structure of concrete floor will be written in the application.
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