Basic rules for the construction of foundations

Of the foundation of any type need to remember is that almost always in the majority of foundation constructions used concrete, which, in turn, a different feature, as the period of typesetting strength. Usually it is no more than DA days. So after laying the concrete structure it should be kept within the specified time without load. It is best to cover the construction of the foundation at this time of any waterproof material, such as roofing material, to prevent drying of the top layer. During the setting of the concrete foundation is recommended to periodically pour water to prevent uneven drying.
We should not forget that the newly built foundation should stand for some time. Something to do with improper exposure defects manifest soon, and speed in construction homes often turns new time and cost.

During the construction of foundations should pay particular attention to the protection of the outer sides of caps on external climatic and weather conditions. Most often, this part of the case upon completion of construction or completely forget about it. Meanwhile, solid or brick plinth last much longer if it oblitsevat plaster or tile.
Recently, a special mix for grouting the foundation decided to make various supplements containing rubber, such as shredded and melted tires. This composition outside coated with base. The resulting coating is not only decorative, but also safe.
When the device cap provide Venting: summer they serve to ventilate the underground and the basement, and with the onset of seasonal rains close them to prevent moisture from getting into the house.
We should also take care of the proper discharge of rainwater from the roof. It would seem that with the construction of the foundation of this part of the construction work is not connected. However, the absence of such a device significantly reduces the life of the foundation, as the rain water falling from the roof to the blind area, breaks it and cap tightly and evenly moistens the soil at the base, which in turn affects its carrying capacity and subsequently leads to subsidence foundation.
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