Making bricks

Sometimes there are cases where the acquisition of brick having some problems.
In this case, you can use the following method of making bricks in the home.
Adobe bricks made of clay and sand with the addition of straw cutting 5-10 cm or other fibrous substitute (chopped grass, sawdust, shavings, etc.). Amount of impurities depends on the fat content of clay and is determined in each case by experience.
Size adobe bricks should be a multiple of the thickness of the wall. The forms in which manufactured adobe, make single or double in a box with no bottom, hammered together from planks 25 mm Z0.
Procure clay recommended in shallow pits. It should be done in the summer to the outdoor it is well soaked and vymorozilas for fall and winter. Prepared to crush the clay, add sand and mix. Then omit the fiber material in the water and stir until until you have a thick smooth.
As for forming adobe bricks, then it should be done in the spring, to allow sufficient time for the summer for its dry. To work, choose a flat area of ​​about 150 m.
Shaping is as follows. Form should be wetted with water and sprinkle sawdust or chaff, the clay from sticking to the walls. Then take a lump of clay to be a mixture of approximately equal volume form, cast into a mold and carefully compacted. After ramming form should be removed and moved to another location.
Freshly bricks stand on the former site of three days, that they have acquired strength.
After aging and drying (flat) put bricks on edge with a gap between the side faces of the free passage of air and dry even W-7 days, then added to the cells, where adobe finally dries and hardens.
Dryness itself is determined by the color of the break, as well as the weight. A fall from a height of 1.5-2 m adobe brick is not broken, it is well hewing ax, does not soak in water for 1-2 days.
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