Определение качества строительных материалов

Quality brick should be determined as follows. If the first blow of the hammer 1 kg or falling on solid ground from a height of 1.2-1.5 m brick shatters into small pieces, then it is low quality. About underburning brick shows a pale pink color (it maloprochen and absorbs moisture), and if a brick red, it means that he is a normal quality, solid and durable, brown - brick perezhzhenny, with a vitreous surface (almost does not absorb water).

Check the quality of cement even easier. It should be in a fist, and if it runs out immediately between the fingers, it is of excellent quality. And if in your fist stay small pieces the size of a pea, it means that the cement has a lower strength.

Brand of hardened concrete can be determined using a chisel to influence the fall of the hammer a weight of 0.3-0.4 kg. Mark below 70 - chisel easily driven into the concrete; 70-100 - it sinks to a depth of about 5 mm, 100-200 - from the concrete surface thin layers are separated, above 200 - remains shallow trail leaves attached.

Quality of lime can be defined as follows. On a solution of 1: 3 (one part lime and three parts clean sand) add up the column of eight red solid bricks.
After four days, the column must be carefully lift (vertically) from the upper brick. If it is destroyed (not break), the lime is of good quality. It is suitable for plaster, masonry and construction headroom chimneys, furnaces, etc.

If at the stone and concrete work you want to use clay, you can see for yourself the quality. To do this, place the bucket 1 kg of material and fill it with 4 liters of water, mix everything well and leave for 4 hours by the water is soft clay, and the sand is separated from the loam. Then again, the contents of the bucket thoroughly and drain the water contained in it with silty loam so that the bottom of the bucket were only clay and sand. Weigh clay and sand, and then subtract from 1 kg of weight - so you know how much loam was studied your material.
Silty loam you can add glinobeton to increase its strength and ability to maintain the desired shape after drying.
To improve the quality of the clay, to make it more uniform and plastic, which, in turn,
enhance its formability, the fall should be put in layers of 15-20 cm, abundant irrigation water each layer. This should be on level ground avvide ridge height of 1 m and a width of 2 - 2.5 cm
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