Bituminous materials

Asphalt is the most common waterproof materials. And, perhaps, it has the advantage - easy to use, which is especially important in the stone and concrete work.
Asphalt is composed of mineral oil (40-65%), resins (18-48%) and asfaltonov (1h-Z0%). Oil and resin gives bitumen plasticity and asfaltony - hardness.
Bitumen aging is a result of the partial loss of light oil fraction, while it (bitumen) becomes rigid and brittle. Also note that at low temperatures bitumen sing loses elasticity and becomes hard and brittle.

It is a mixture of molten bitumen with filler (eg, crumb, and 7% by weight). In addition, the paste is added plasticizer - axial or waste oil (5%).
Bituminous mastic suitable for attaching roofing and other rolled materials of this type, because it (mastic) has a high heat and frost resistance, elasticity and bonding ability. And, in addition, bitumastic very durable.
If you have not finished mastic, it is quite easy to make at home by mixing molten bitumen and filler (asbestos, wood dust, flour, etc.). Excipients included in the mastic should be sifted through a sieve (cell - W mm) and thoroughly dried (asbestos - up to 5% moisture, others - to W%). In addition, add the plasticizer - waste oil (about 0.5-1 kg bucket of bitumen). Oil is first necessary to filter.
So, to prepare 10 kg of bitumen mastic, you need 8.5 kg of bitumen, filler 1 kg and 0.5 - 1 kg of oil.
Next, you need to take a container with a tight-fitting lid and fill it (capacity) bitumen (no more than 2 / N total). Then everything should be heated until melted bitumen and free of lumps.

Next, at a time when the asphalt starts foaming, with its surface, remove impurities surfaced. This can be done using a small metal nets. To heat the bitumen to be until it stops foaming and hissing. As a result, you should get a homogeneous mass with a smooth surface.
Should be warned that you can not heat the bitumen to a temperature of more than 220 wasps, because of its quality deteriorates - formed coke.
A clear sign of the beginning of coking is the appearance on the surface of the mass of bubbles and a selection of greenish-yellow smoke. When heated above 240 wasps bitumen can catch fire, which of course is dangerous.
Once warmed up the bitumen, it must be added dry homogeneous filler and oil, with a lot of need to constantly stir.
Apply bitumen mastic should only be hot, so it is recommended to prepare immediately before use, and to the extent required for one-time use.

Bitumen primer
Is a solution of bitumen in gasoline at a ratio of 1: 3 (by volume). It promotes the formation of coatings with high adhesion.
To prepare the bitumen primer to melt the bitumen, then cool it to a temperature of 70-80 wasps in small portions and gradually pour in the gasoline, and the mass is stirred.
Gasoline for making asphalt primer to take unleaded.
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