Measures for the protection of concrete floors

Consider measures to protect the floors in case the basement. First of all, we should pay attention to the flatness of the surface and a good seal underlayment, located under the basement floor slabs. The most reliable way to ensure the smooth surface of the base unit is a leveling of the concrete layer thickness of about 8 cm
At high altitude pit backfill material to fill should be laid and compacted layer thickness of about 30-40 cm
When exposed to the pressure of ground water should be designed in the basement floor of the hard concrete slabs: their dimensions are defined by a static calculation. Floor plate, do not experience water pressure, should have a thickness of at least 120 cm
On the use of clamps, and waterproof sealing mastic coating can say that it (the application) is appropriate only when the device due to the flat drainage ensured that prolonged exposure to ground water pressure will not. Waterproof sealing mastic screed and plaster should be laid only armatirovannye, seamless and smooth jammed floor plate.
Before the device waterproof screed base surface should be clean, moisten and lubricate the cement-sand mastic or primer. Particular attention should be paid to the composition of the solution ties, consumption of cement, water-cement ratio, and particle size distribution. Additives, processed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, may also improve the density of the solution.
Ties should be no one working cycle, its thickness should be about 3 cm screed should be carefully sealed and make amends.
As for sealing mastic, they should be continuously applied several layers.
Observe the minimum flow rate specified by the manufacturer of mastic.
Before hardening waterproof mastic sealing ties and should be protected from the uneven and too rapid drying and if necessary, moisten.
And immediately after hardening mastic sealant to protect from damage by applying a protective layer.
To the floor basements are usually high demands concerning mainly dry floor. Therefore, the floor slab should be laid waterproofing tape. Two layer waterproofing with overlapped joints, glued over the entire surface and cover with screed, preferably a single-layer. Particular attention should be paid to the rather broad overlapping seams (about 10 cm) and a thorough implementation of their sizing. And immediately after the roll, waterproofing should be covered with a protective layer, which by separating film to be separated from waterproofing.

Sand-cement and cement-concrete and asphalt floors
These types of floors are concrete base, which is laid on a concrete training - sub-base with grooved surface. Concrete cover is made from 200 grade concrete with a draft of the housing 2 cm, in the rubble of size up to 15 mm. Concrete mix placed strip 2 - 2.5 m, and then limit the area laid concrete majachnye strips and compact vibrators vibrating beam or polygonal, and in cramped conditions - rammers.
Along with putting the concrete floor surface smooth down her trowel on a long handle, wooden trowel and metal trowel. Excess cement is removed with a scraper with a rubber band.
After laying the concrete floor surface trim with an ironing board or a rubber band. Smoothing should be done before the final curing of the concrete mass.
Cement-based coating made of cement-sand mortar grade not lower than 150 to slump 3-4 cm
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