Manufacturing leveling for stone and concrete work

with the help of homemade leveling can determine the height of the points on the earth's surface relative to the starting point, or as it is called, "zero heights."
Measurements are made of technologically equally, whether earthen platform or track.
When leveling is necessary to drive the pegs into the ground in the right place flush with the ground or with the same elevation above the latter.
Table set so that the distance to the farthest peg was not more than 4 m This means that, on one level set-up can measure the height of the points located on the site of a circle whose diameter is 8 m Surface table level is set in a horizontal position This is achieved penetration in the soil corresponding table legs.
The bench is set on the table so that it hardened screws are estimated over the head of the tripod. Level is placed on the bench so that its glass bulb was screwed over benches. One of the stakes placed rake and a target plate level are guided by rail, which will turn the stool. Then turn the bolt, the air bubble in the middle of the bulb output, that is, the level is set horizontally.
Then leveler must be placed in front of blank, slightly tilting it toward you, and clung to him chin.
Tilting stop and head for the eye is a position at which the upper edge of the target plate will merge into a single line. Now, moving on rails attached to her family, we achieve that the edge line was at the level of the line passing through the upper edge of the target plate. Then the rail should be noted that the position of a pencil edge (the height above the ground). If you then rearrange rail to another peg, located on a different height than the first, and perform the same operation, the line drawn on the rail on the new peg, is below (or above) the line drawn in the first measurement.
The distance between these two lines will be equal to the excess height pegs. This is the main thrust measurement topped with a home-made leveling.
Practical work with leveling is organized as follows: the points where you need to determine the excess, hammered numbered pegs, all with the elevation above the ground, to 15 cm are working together. Has better vision works with leveling, and partner - with Reiki. Catching a line (a line through the upper edges of a target plate), working with leveling gives the command "line". Partner applies to the rail line and on command levelman slowly raises and lowers her job rail.
When the edge of a ruler will merge with combined reticle plate edges, the Vizier gives the command "stop", goes to the rail and carries on her horizon, do not forget to write on it and the number of pegs on which there is the rake. Of course, all pegs are put numbers too.
On straight lines drawn by rail, by the difference of heights of vertices (ends) pegs. If any area is leveled, then it's best to take as its starting point the level of the peg, which was lower than all.
The pegs on one level set so. Take a peg made in stock (called dimensional) and attached to the rail, and its end is aligned with the horizon, located on the rail above all.
Then, on the stroke dimensional peg celebrated skyline, held on the rail when installing it on a peg exhibitor.
Further dimensional peg driven into the ground beside him and put up with the same level, which is then hammered into the ground for as long as his face will not be on the same level with a stroke made on dimensional peg that is driven into the peg will end at the same level with the end of the original peg (the lowest).
Then, remove the measuring stick out of the ground bar on it and then wipe in the same way to set the height of the rest of the pegs. And now it is easy to align the pegs on the site or to conduct all-agricultural or construction work at the site leveled.
Several different routes are broken down by the specified margin. And the need for such arises when laying water pipes, and digging drainage ditches.
In such cases, certain leveling increase measured in centimeters, and by comparing with the given, determine which amendment to peg height to be entered. If the next peg to drop, then do it discussed above.
If it needs to be raised, then the next to clog dimensional peg on which the advance from the end lay down and say touch the height that you enter in the height initially driven into the peg.
Dimensional setting up a peg driven into it by the pending amendment, the latter is removed from the ground and use it now as a dimensional.
Levelling accuracy rescan its implementation. Naturally, the leveling with a level to be accurate only if both the level itself, and make it a level to be normal, and leveler will have experience in sight.

Check proper level and leveling
Checking the prefabrication is on the bench. Rotating screw air bubble in the bulb output level to the middle. After this level is rearranged by 1800.
In serviceable level vial and after exchanging back in the middle of the bulb. If you change the position of the bubble goes away, then half of the deviation from the center of the bubble flask straighten bolts.
More precisely aligned with the level can be a foil or thin paper, it should be put under the end of the level. Foil (or paper) is glued to the work surface level necessarily in the same place where it underlay the alignment. Once the foil is stuck, you need to re-check the level.
By purchasing at the store level, you should carefully check if it works. Preference should be given to such a level that is able to respond to even the slightest turns the bolt.
Manufacturing and installation of the correct reticle plates verified as follows. On a white sheet of paper is drawn from the centimeter scale bars.
It leans against the wall rack, and 2 W m from the table with a spirit level placed on the bench. After adjustment spirit level is sight, and the rail line (passing through the upper edge of the target plate), there is a line of combined upper shotguns reticle plates.
Then, in this place rack on the buttons reinforced for greater accuracy scale of graph paper. Without touching any table or bench, the level is turned to 1800, and again on a scale marked line. If the target device is made properly and correctly installed, the lines of the first and second sight match or do not match no more than one lane. If the deviation from the initial value is greater then checked reticle fabrication and installation records. Following this, again, is more reliable, verified the sensitivity level.
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