Connecting parts glue 2 ways: bonding or gluing.
Bonding is used in various compounds on the spine and into their heads. Gluing is used only in the manufacture of plywood and veneer surfaces for finishing, etc.
Glued parts are 2 ways: squeezing surface clamps or Priter surface to each other after the application of glue on them. Lapping connect mostly subtle details that after a small setting customize to each other and left until the glue.
This way the bond details should be quick and clear, so before you start to implement it, is prepared with basic supplies: clips, gaskets, belts, bearings, belts, as well as the surface of substrate used, be sure to clean. If it accidentally soiled by dirty hands or drop fell oil, rubbed places contamination with acetone or alcohol. At bonding pads are used to distribute the maximum compressive force. It also protects the surface from the formation of dents in the terminal clamps. Laying always done a little more than the size of substrate used. Most often made of laying sheets of plywood.
In addition, to avoid sticking to the surfaces of pads need to plant more sheets of paper between the pad and the surface.
For the bonding process compression always see to it that at installation clips happened offset surfaces, which then can not be restored.
The seam is get a good, solid, work best in a room where the temperature does not drop below 20 °. Adhesive should also apply a thin even layer, and the adhesive should not be too runny. But too thick unacceptable - dries it cracked.
It is preferable not to polish the surfaces - the plane should be a little rough, which will provide a reliable connection.
If you need to glue several parts, you can not apply the adhesive directly to all - in the lower layers of the glue starts to set, but will not be evenly distributed from the surface of the waves get. To avoid this, the details are divided into several parts, glue strips of parts to each other, and then, and parts.
Glue is best in levels, for example, in one step - chair legs, the other - the seat. If you have to glue together complex structure consisting of a set of nodes, you must first connect all the parts without adhesive, customize, if something appears, and then apply the adhesive. Obvious defects when bonding persists, disassemble and already bonded structure without damaging it is also impossible.
After the adhesive caused by construction sites, it must be put under pressure and withstand a certain time, the glue is completely dried up and grabbed. If used carpenter's glue, then remove the item from the press only after 1 day. Glue less time - only 4 - 5 hours, but it does not mean that the glue is completely dry and ready for further construction work. After the required time has elapsed, unclamp, check if there are any changes of layers, and lay still for 1 day, and the glue has dried completely.
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