Using mounting screws parts, get better and more secure fit. Most often, the screws used for fixing window and door hinges, handles, glazing beads, plates.
When fastening with screws almost violated the integrity of the inner layers of wood, they will not be offset as when nailing. This is explained primarily by the fact that the screw is screwed and not clogged. As well as for driving a nail, you need to choose the diameter and length of the screw. Screw should be 3-4 mm larger than the thickness of the plate affixed to it to hold well on the.
Screw number (the ratio of its length and thickness) is adjusted for a certain type of bar. For very thin strips selected screw 6 mm long, thick strap is fastened with bolts to 12 - 15 cm Also, depending on the purpose of the screw cap to be flat or convex. The first type of cap is designed to attach parts of furniture, followed by filler. These screws should not be visible on the surface. The second type of screws used for fastening parts, and for the surface decoration.
Depending on the size of the screw to screw up one of two ways. If the screw is small, and the wood is soft, it is possible to confine the surface marked with an awl in screwing. But if a large screw or its diameter is too large, in the proper position, drill a small hole, the depth and diameter slightly smaller than the screw so that it can hold well in the array. If this screw is secured with 2 strips thick enough, you have to drill the two parts that are not cracked when screwing wood.
To hide the bonnet screws in the array to make a small conical recess screw screwed to the limit and zashpatlevat.
But in any case, regardless of the screw, it is screwed with a screwdriver with the correct size and kind of fabric. Screwdriver inserted in the slot - a small notch on the cap screws Phillips or straight shape.
To facilitate the work when screwing screws, you can use several methods already proven.
If you have to screw a screw into an array of solid wood, before you start to lubricate his soap. In that case, if the mounting surface of the paint will be applied or will be within the product, you can use as a lubricant or grease ski ointment. If desired, the remaining small traces of fat can be removed with alcohol or other degreasing solution.
In that case, if you have to work with chipboard, first drill a hole slightly smaller than the screw, then smeared it with glue and insert into it a piece of plastic tubing. Then, in the modified hole screwed cooked screw.
It frequently happens that the screw must be screwed into the end of the board or the bar. But this never thought attachment durable. In order to increase the strength of attachment, you can use two methods. The first is that the drilled hole for the screw to impregnate wood lacquer or oil-alcohol-based.
The second way to enhance the design is the use of Nagel, which is driven into the end of the bar, and in a screw screwed.
During the work it does happen, that is tightly screwed into the screw prevents the connection of certain parts. It will help to remove the next few steps.
Using an adjustable wrench to fix it between frames screwdriver blade, which is then installed in the slot screw. Then click on the little screwdriver and turn the wrench. Even the old screw should easily unscrew the.
The other method will need a hammer. First, insert a screwdriver into the slot, grip the handle of a screwdriver all hand to remain open top, and gently hammer blow on top, simultaneously turning the screwdriver.
The next way to help replace the screw with a breakaway halfway decorative hat. You will need a wrench, a screwdriver and a small thin pieces of wood.
If the screw is screwed near the edge, you can just use a wrench. Require tightly squeeze the remnants surviving half and turn the key as long as the screw is not completely unscrew the.
If the screw is in the middle part and use a wrench can not, take a screwdriver to install it in place of the former slot and moves as close as possible to her prepared plate. The whole structure is fixed with a wrench. Then gently turn the key and see to it that it is not broke.
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