Connection "in a paw"

This type of connection is only used in the construction of log walls or well. Most often, this mount is simple, because it is already strong, but there are also some more complex structures in the form of extra padding.
To get a connection, you need to square the end of the timber to form a cube, and divide it by 8 parts. Then, from the face of the cube to cut down trapezoid, one whose foundation should be 6 parts, and more - 4 pieces.
Paw from the grain should also take the form of a trapezoid, gradually narrowing to the base of the bar. The thickness of the bar near the trapezoid should be about 2-3 parts, and an end - not more than 6 parts (Figure 76).

Врубка в лапу

Fig. 76. Connection "in the paw."
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