This type of connection can be attributed to the angular type fastenings, as parts are relative to each other at a certain angle.
Depending on the angle distinguish two types of such compounds, which are equally directed perpendicular to the active force connections - compression.
The first one is used only when the angle between the components does not exceed 45 °. First hew wood with push piece, and then customize it by the bottom surface (Fig. 74).

Первый тип угловой врубки

Fig. 74. The first type of corner connection.

The second type of connection requires the angle of not less than 45 ° between the parts. Angle connection here is a bit different than the first type, and consists of two planes located at different slopes to the original ground surface (Figure 75).

Второй тип угловой врубки

Fig. 75. The second type of corner gusset.

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