Safety rules when working with wood

Statistics say that most injuries is in domestic work, repair and manufacture of various handicrafts. In second place - as a result of automobile accidents. Every year, this ratio remains the same. Despite the fact that every year there are new tools for working with a particular material, the risk of injury is sufficiently large.
Hurt themselves very easily. Even if we take a simple hand saw or hammer, having certain skills, you can easily leave himself a cripple for life. As for the electrical Insturment before they start using it, you should read the instruction manual, which is sure to be embedded into the box, and then get to work.
Even if this is not abstract, it does not mean that you can not observe basic safety rules.
First, you can work only tools in good condition, that is, the handle must be intact and free of cracks, which is located in the hand, the web without the rusty spots, and the cutting blade must be sharp. In addition, when you use the saw to ensure that her teeth were always separated.
Ironically, the most dangerous of all hand tools is dull saw. Using a chain saw work, you can not only deeply cut his own fingers and bring in wound infection, but also to completely lose it. And this can happen in the following way. A dull saw rarely manages to make the inscription on the surface of the wood: it often breaks down the right and the left, and if you press bent almost in half. As a result of drinking gets on your fingers and break.
The second rule - that's how they work with the tool. Most directs its movements as convenient and not as it should. The result - an injury.
Direct all traffic from cutting tools must themselves. Otherwise, the blade can slip and injure your fingers.
When working with power tools should be checked regularly, not only them, but also the wiring. Work with tools takimmi only in a dry environment with low humidity and away from water.
If the air in the room humid, and the work is necessary, it is recommended to wear rubber shoes with thick soles. Incidentally, deaths from electric shock - the highest of all accidents 7 deaths.
Recently, most adhesives is hardly noticeable odor, that is, they have low toxicity. However, increases their ability to instantly bonded surface, and it does not need to wait a few days.
This is particularly true of synthetic adhesives, such as epoxy or tsianokrilovyh. Epoxy adhesives, unlike tsianokrilovyh can only cause skin irritation or minor burns. But with recent rough handling can lead to tragedy.
This is a fairly easy-to-use adhesive that hardens instantly - in a matter of seconds. And to create special conditions it is not necessary. He perfectly grasped under the influence of hydroxyl ions, it does not even have to blow on the bonding surface. In addition, this adhesive is very economical consumption. At first glance, very liquid, it forms a very thin solid film, and the resulting compound can be broken only under the pressure of 400 kg / cm. Most tiny particles such glue for bonding will not play on the surface. However, all these positive qualities elementranyh-compliance rules can be negative and lead to tragedy. Habit to work with glue without rubber gloves can lead to the surgical table. If the glue gets on your fingers, and it wants to grind, thus clearing the mesh a bit, then the skin of fingers stick together for a second, and separate them only a surgical scalpel.
The skin recovers quickly enough, can not be said about the individual organs that have to be removed. Most often, the material can splatter everywhere. Even get into the eyes. What about the habits rub eyes with dirty hands while working? If a drop of glue tsianokrilovogo accidentally gets into your eyes, eyelid tightly glued to the shell of the eyeball.
Special rules should be observed when working with stains, varnishes and paints. It is best to use as little as possible air-brush or spray gun, it is better to use conventional hand or, in extreme cases, roller.
The principle of operation is based on the spray is that it mixes the paint and air. As a result of droplets of paint will be flying in all directions, and only a small part of them will be on the surface.
These are just some tips that must be followed for safety. When working with wood be sure to choose a dress that will not be sorry dirty. Moreover, it must be sewn from durable material, to eliminate the fine sawdust, and comes with lots of pockets that will just take all the details and keep them to yourself. This is best suited old jeans and shirt.
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