Sanding wood

Operation, the final cycle of wood, produced with the help of emery cloth - abrasive coating on paper, cloth or paperboard. Depending on the size and type of abrasive grains are several types of skin, which are designated by letters and numbers on the inner surface of the roll: the letter corresponds to the form used in emery cloth abrasive, and the figure - its degree of grinding. The lower the number, the finer the grain. The most commonly used abrasive coatings are used crushed glass (C), quartz (HF) and silicon (KR). For a rough surface treatment using coarse sandpaper and for final polishing is better to take a fine-grained, leaving no trace of the grains on the surface. Grinding produce the grain or slightly oblique bar of wrapped cloth. In order to obtain a flat surface and smooth to press hard on the bar should not be.
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