Cutting wood

This operation is usually performed chisels and only in some cases, a knife-jamb. And right from the selected instrument largely depends on the quality and speed of the work produced. The technique of using a chisel when cutting is the same as the technique of using chisels for chipping. The only difference - the impact on timber performed without the aid of a hammer.
On preparation for marking lines set chisel blade so that it was a facet of the future deepening.
Chisel to deepen the solid wood is 2-3 mm, forming the incision. Then at a distance of 1-2 mm from the first incision to do the second, directed deep into the alleged holes. The result is a small notch, which gradually deepens to size. In the middle of the deepening of the incision is at a depth of about 5-6 mm, and near the edges, so as not to damage the walls, - 2-3 mm.
When the through-hole of the slit edges make the entire depth. If necessary, trim can be done in several stages.
Final cleaning of finished hole runs narrow straight or semicircular chisel.
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