Chiseling wood

During this operation, the workpiece must be well secured in a vice. Light pencil markings made ​​on it, and then on a marking knife is put at risk.
To gain a deep and large hole is first selected wood chisel, and then its finished surface cleaned with a chisel.
Be particularly careful when chipping wood should be chosen near those edges that are located across the grain.
When the big blind holes blade chisel with mallets pierce solid wood, slightly tilted to the side opposite to that on which a chamfer, and lift up. Wood with break under, some of her pieces are separated from the array. Then do the same at 2-3 mm from the resulting hole, etc.
In processing the edge of the edges indented to 1-2 mm and chamfer bit put to her. Sample timber when the through hole produced on both sides at the same time, gradually reducing the intermediate layer.
Final processing of the hole edges to make direct narrow chisel.
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