Sawing wood

The result of cutting depends on how it is run: mechanical or manual. When mechanical sawing logs or plates are planks of different sizes and varying degrees of quality. When you perform the same operation by hand from a variety of ready-made boards are cut parts. Mechanical treatment requires special equipment and performed, usually, woodworking enterprises.
Hand cutting can be done at home on the workbench using different types of saws, depending on the thickness of the material.
By the way the fixed workpiece on the bench, distinguish horizontal and vertical cutting. For example, the horizontal cutting a workpiece is mounted horizontally on a workbench and Saw is in relation to it at right angles. That in the process not to damage the work surface bench, a place must be cut elsewhere.
The workpiece can be cut with the grain (longitudinal) or across them (the cross). In transverse sawing high probability of splits on either side. Spalling to saw off part of going to waste, is not terrible, but if it happened on the final details of the place where there should be flat and smooth surface, an additional wood restoration or manufacture new parts. Therefore, for cross-cuts need to use a saw with a fine "tooth mouse".
Saw off a board or bar at right angles or at an angle of 45 ° by using the miter box, placing the workpiece in the gutter, pinning her to the far side away from you and exactly sawed off a piece of waste.
To strengthen the blade in solid wood in the early surgery is some light (no pressure) nadpilov along the marked lines. Further movement should also be smooth and uniform, smooth and effort they made vrazmah ie hacksaw blade across its surface passes through the cut. The main focus should be on adjusting the direction of the tool in contact with a knot or other seal. Harvesting on the bench is positioned to saw off a piece of the left. So it will be easier to keep a free hand so it does not fall to the floor.
Instead, you can use a hacksaw electric saw, the procedure and the technique of the operation are not affected.
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