Features air-arc cutting

Air-arc cutting is a form of separation is based on cutting and melting of the metal portion of the cutting heat of an electric arc between the excited and cut metal electrode. In this case, a jet of compressed air continuously removes the molten metal from the cavity of the cut.
This type of cutting is widely used in the construction and assembly works for rough cutting metal up to 30 mm, but only if you do not need high quality, since the width of the cut will be 2-3 times greater than oxygen cutting. This cutting is performed, and for the smelting of defective parts of joints, removing gates, machining of castings and surface cleaning. Speed cutting with a metal thickness of 15 mm does not exceed 120-150 mm / min. Electrode consumption is 1.0-1.5 kg per 1 m of cut metal.
Diagram of the torch for the air-arc cutting is shown in Figure 135. It has an air valve-starting device and nozzle to supply compressed air to the site of cutting. Current and the air flow through composite cable-hose.

Резак для воздушно-дуговой резки

Fig. 135. Cutter for air-arc cutting: 1 - air tube, 2 - wire feed, 3 - the torch body, 4 - arc, 5 - nozzle air supply to the combustion zone, 6 - blank 7 - smelted section blank.

Electrodes for air-arc cutting are presented as carbon, graphite, graphite cylindrical rods or plates in length from 250 to 350 mm. Copper plated electrodes are much better than others, because they are less susceptible to oxidation.
Currently, the practice is widely used two types of cutters: RVDm RVDl-315-1200. The first product is designed for current 315 A, and the air flow rate of 20 m / h RVDm-315 has a mass of 0.8 kg and a wide range of applications. Diameter of the electrode in this unit is 6-10 mm. RVDl-1200 uses a current of 1200 A at a flow temperature of 35 m / h This unit can be corrected casting billets, taking advantage of the electrodes with a diameter of at least 15-25 mm. Device weight 1.6 kg. Air enters the pressure of 0.4-0.6 MPa or from the compressor output of 20 - 30 m / h or more, or from air line.
In this case, it is necessary to use the moistures, as the air is clean. For a specific type of cutting can be used as a permanent or alternating current.

DC power can act or single-operator welding converters and rectifiers mnogopostovoy. As a source of alternating current transformers can be used with low voltage and precise current-voltage characteristic of idling.
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