Classification of cutters and cutting systems for manual

A tool such as an oxygen torch, conveniently combines all stages of cutting and designed for proper mixing of flammable gases or vapors, liquid oxygen, education HEATING flame jet of pure oxygen in the cutting zone.
Cutters are classified on the basis of mixing (injection and bezynzhektornye), purpose (universal plug and special), Application (hand and machine cutting) and by type of cutting (for the separation and gouging).
It is now widely used universal injector manual cutter for separating cutting diagram of the structure of which is shown in Figure 126.

Схема строения ручного резака

Fig. 126. Diagram of hand torch: 1, 2 - nipples, 3, 4 - oxygen tube, 5 - external mouthpiece, 6 - Injector 7 - mixing chamber, 8 - inside the mouthpiece.

Sample is taken for the average power cutter P2A-01, used for manual cutting of mild steel and low alloy steel up to 200 mm. The principle of operation is as follows burner. Acetylene is supplied through a hose to the nipple one, and oxygen - to nipple 2. From pin 2 oxygen is in two directions. One part oxygen, as in conventional welding torch enters the injector 6, and then into the mixing chamber 7. In the latter formed a combustible mixture of oxygen and acetylene, which goes through the nipple 1. The mixture goes through the tube passes through the annular space between the outer and inner 5 8 mouthpieces and forms a heating flame. The rest of the oxygen through the tube 3 and 4 on its way to the center hole inner mouthpiece 8 and generates a stream of cutting oxygen.
In small shops now use special, universal plug cutters and small, medium, and high power.
Special cutters brands RPA-2-72, RPK-2-72, RZR-2, RC-02 can cut metal with a thickness of 200 to 800 mm.
Cutter RZR-2 weighing 5.5 kg for fuel gas use propane-butane mixture, which is the maximum flow rate of 7.5 m / h The highest oxygen consumption 114.5 m / h The tool has a nozzle for mixing of oxygen and fuel gas. Fuel gas pressure at the inlet of the cutter is not less than 0.05 MPa (0.5 kgf / cm), and to control the pressure of oxygen has a pressure gauge. Receipt of fuel gas derived from the distribution of ramps or craft lines. If you use the line, then you need to have a propane-butane ramp on 3 cylinders and oxygen cylinders ramp 10. RZR-2 is used for cutting profits, forgings and castings of low-carbon and low-alloy steels, it can cut metal up to 800 mm.
Cutter RC-02, or kerosene, is warming up the flame heated evaporator. As fuel is used gasoline or kerosene (or mixture). This fuel comes from a spherical tank of BG-02 with 8 liters under pressure of 0.3 MPa (3 kgf / cm). Tank has a safety valve and a hand pump. Russian industry cutter RC-02 is produced in the form of a set of FGM-1 tank with BG-02 for cutting using only liquid fuel. The tool is used for separating manual cutting scrap steel, sheet metal, scrap rails and a thickness of 200 mm.
Cutters RPK-2-72 and RPA-2-72 with a mass of 2.5 kg and a length of 13.5 cm fitted body with internal and external mouthpiece, start cutting oxygen lever and several valves. In order to obtain a broad and soft cutting oxygen jet diameters of output channels in the mouthpiece and flow areas a little more than a universal cutter.
Universal cutters P2A-01 and R3P-01, respectively, medium and high power, have large enough diameter channels mouthpieces, the mixing chamber and the injector. Cutter P2A-01 involves the use of acetylene torch and R3P-01 - butane, propane and natural gas.
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