Gas cutting

Oxygen cutting - the combustion of metals and alloys in the stream of commercially pure oxygen. For this metal along the proposed cut is heated to its ignition temperature in oxygen. Thus, the whole process can be divided into stage heating acetylene flame (flame or other gases) and stage cutting jet of oxygen, during which the combustion of the metal oxides and the resulting blown from the incision site. Such cutting is another name - the separation (Fig. 124). It is designed for cutting sheet metal, cutting edges for welding, cutting pieces of various shapes and other works related to the cutting of metal parts.

Разделительная резка

Fig. 124. Separating cutting.

However, the above-described cutting can be used for cutting grooves, removing the surface layer of the metal and eliminate surface defects. In this case, the cut is called the surface (Fig. 125).

Поверхностная резка

Fig. 125. Gouging.
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