If being manual arc welding, it is carried out in 2-3 layers, as multilayer welding provides deep penetration of the root and increases the density of the joint. This method is used to turn without turning the welded joints.

When welding rotary joints used the following method (Fig. 120): the first layer is brewed sites from point 1 to point 2 and from point 4 to point 3 on all pipe joints.

Последовательность сварки поворотных стыков

Fig. 120. The sequence of welding rotary joints.

After this section is rotated 90 ° and brewed land from point 4 to point 1 and from point 3 to point 2. To burn-through metal is not formed, it is recommended to weld the first layer of the electrodes with a diameter of 4 mm with welding current 120-140 A. welded sections should be performed in the same direction, with a gradual rotation of the welding section.
If rotating joint is welded, the welding is performed at a compound partitions into one whip and the final assembly line. Stacking order of welds as follows: the first layer - the seams 1, 2, 3 are welded from the bottom up, the next - from the top down.
Locks or trailing spaces in the adjacent layers seam must be separated by a distance of approximately 60-100 mm in the roof of the seam weld finish comfortably at a distance of 50-70 mm from the bottom point. If welding rotating joint is not possible, then apply the combined method (Fig. 121).

Комбинированный способ сварки

Fig. 121. Combined welding process: 1 - bottom of the seam, 2 - Box 3 - the top of the seam.

In this method of welded joint with insert 2, the lower part of one seam sealed from the inside, the upper part of the seam 3 sealed from the outside. Type of electrode is the same as turning and welding joints.

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