The welding

Correct Crater at break arc - welding end - plays an important role in the welding process.
In the area of the crater accumulates the greatest number of contaminants formed during crystallization of the metal. In this zone, cracks are formed most often. If welding is completed, then the broken arches are not recommended to take sharp electrode from the product. Movement of the electrode should be discontinued until the break slowly lengthen the arc. This technique helps to fill the crater of the electrode metal. In some cases, such as when welding mild steel output crater on the base metal away from the weld. If you need to change the electrodes or the event of accidental breakage of the arc, it can bring on yet not blown the base metal to the crater. Metal proplavlyayut on the crater. If welding is steel, which forms the structure of the hardening, the output side of the crater is not valid because of the possibility of cracking.
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