Preparatory work

Preparatory work includes editing, layout, cutting, edge preparation for welding and hot or cold bending.
Edits performed on the machine or by hand. When editing eliminates deformation of the metal. Metal small thickness of law in cold and thick pre-heated to 250-300 ° C.
The purpose of marking is to apply part dimensions for the metal. Usually it is applied according to patterns of aluminum sheet. When marking use a ruler, square, tape measure, scriber.
Cutting can be both mechanical and thermal. The most productive is mechanical. Heat the same, giving her a more versatile, as it allows a more precise cut out blanks of various geometric shapes.
Edge preparation, like cutting, is two ways: mechanical and thermal. Mainly used mechanically. Using 2 or 3 cutter, located at different angles, you can get to the edge of the one-sided or two-sided bevel.
Besides classical bending exercised bending rollers, there are many other ways.
In preliminary work, except for the above, also includes the cleaning of the metal from the oil, rust, moisture, and various non-metallic impurities. The presence of these contaminants is often the cause of education in the welds pores, cracks, slag inclusions, which leads to a decrease in the strength of the joint.
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