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To run a cable under floorboards, you need to use a chisel on both sides of the room to hook two boards. If the board is rebated, tongue one of them must be cut down. To one end of a plastic tube with a diameter of 18 mm, attach the cable and push the tube into the space between the rafters. After the release of the tube on the other side of it separated cable. You must make sure that next to the cable does not pass power wiring.

If the rafters were in the window opening, it should be to saw. Hold the saw perpendicular to the beam rafters and sawed right on planned lines. Then on the top and bottom rails fixed window opening trimmers and establish or strengthen pseudo-rafters.

To prepare the window opening, you need to break off the bottom of the clutch with a heavy hammer and chisel. Sill should overhang the wall not less than 30 mm. To prepare the solution is mixed sand and cement in the ratio of 4: 1 and added to the mixture to obtain a plasticizer right consistency. Solution to the surface of the opening spread with a trowel.

To insert the sill at the wall, you want to put on the place of his future installation of a layer of a solution and put it sill. Then test whether the good fit to the sill wall, whether it is horizontal (you need to use a water level). If necessary, line the window sill, placing it on a piece of slate.

To install a waterproof timber to cut a strip of stainless steel cross-section 19 x 6 mm in length window opening.

Next, we must put mastic or mortar into the groove windowsill, put there a metal strip and prepare a new window unit for installation by filling putty groove in which is mounted a waterproof barrier.

To put a window unit, you need to cut off the tabs on the ends of the bars of window frames, insert a block into place and secure it in the opening wedge top and bottom. Next, check the density of the set-ups and, if necessary, to put the gasket between the jambs and the wall. Detent position is scheduled so that the mark coincided with bricks, but not with the joint between them.

Remove putty you can use an ordinary knife. If the old putty firmly stuck to the window frame, you should carefully tap with a hammer on the handle of the knife. If the glass was attached to the entire length with bead, the last is removed with an old screwdriver or chisel.

Good lighting can be achieved through the opposing inclined and vertical roof windows and semi-circular windows, which are also used for decorative purposes (decoration of the facade).

In order to emphasize the amount of space, you must use when designing indirect angles and non-vertical lines. Then large to the room will seem more spacious.

Double door, using high-quality materials will help to create the impression of good quality apartments.

Limited number of materials used to build the room, and the colors will give the room a certain style.

If the newly-appointed attic is possible to connect to an existing central heating, the hot water is recommended to receive a decentralized, with power tools. Kitchens are useful boilers.

Upgrading facilities at extremely advantageous is the use of drywall, as it minimizes dust and dirt.

When equipped with a bathroom to take care of the added protection against moisture. Tiles are not particularly suitable for this, so for the device in the bathroom walls are useful instollyatsionnye blocks that can oblitsevat covering or tiles.

The most complicated in design and meticulous in making mnogoschipovaya roof, as at the intersection of rays requires a device diagonal trusses.

When working with wood products often have to deal with such difficulties as screwing screws. By no means at all the materials you can use screwdriver, and manual screwing is fairly heavy.
For ease of tip screws must be lubricated softened in water and soap. Similarly, you can do and with nails - in this case, they will not bend easily and will be included in the tree.

With a shortage of bars to the rafters can do the following: take a few bars of smaller cross-section and staple them together so as to obtain the desired section of the bar. For bar section 120 x 80 mm to bring down two boards with thickness of 4 cm and a width equal to the height of the beam, that is 12 cm

Modern roofing materials reliably protect the house from outside moisture. However, low-quality vapor barrier installation can lead to the fact that the moisture formed inside the room, will penetrate the insulation layer and lower its resistance to heat. Substandard installation paroizoliruyuschego barrier is that there may not be enough tensioned membrane, poorly glued joints, the integrity of the film.

As a vapor barrier when constructing the roof, you can use plastic wrap, which is further reinforced with mesh to give it mechanical strength. This film must have good insulating steam and not pass through itself steam.

Instead of the conventional reinforced polyethylene film can be used film laminated on the inside with aluminum foil. The properties of these films are essential in wet areas, where the roof is part of the ceiling, such as bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools.

As an additional protective layer often use waterproofing, which prevents the penetration of rain and snow inside the structure.

This product meets the film, which combines the properties of hydro-and vapor barrier due to a special anti-condensation viscose fleecy layer deposited on the inner surface of the film.

Cause structural failure and loss of roof system interior aesthetic appearance can be improper installation of insulation layer.
Thermal insulation material should be installed so that it fills the entire space. It should not be left hollows or cavities for air infiltration.

As the ridge, if you can not buy special materials ready, you can use a strip of galvanized steel or 2 boards, whipped angle. They are placed on top of sheets and nailed to the bar crates.

As the base used for the soft roof solid floor of plywood or other boards that attach to the deck nails, and their connection to each other is provided self-adhesive patches on their inner side.

At small angles (18 °) under the shingles to lay a soft roll waterproofing material such as roofing felt or roofing material, best in 2 layers.

The minimum angle of the roof "Onduline" is 6 °. At 6-10 ° slopes Onduline is recommended to lay on a massive crate with a longitudinal overlap of at least 300 mm, 10-15 ° slope it is placed on the crate bruschatoy steps 450 mm, and with a strong emphasis - at 600 mm.

Tiling can be easily reconstructed - then it can be easily installed skylights, roofing elements repeated use.
For any kind of roofing you need good ventilation of roof space. Warm air rising from the room is cooled into the roof space, forming condensation. If it is not promptly removed by ventilation, it will dampen the insulation, which will lose its beneficial properties, and further moisture can permeate the floor and walls, destroying them.

Why do we need ventilation? Moist air contributes to the formation of mold and mildew on the wooden elements of roof systems. On the non-ventilated roof winter formed icicles and ice. Also, ventilation of roof space is required to reduce the temperature inside the building during the hot period.

When installing roofing materials should be carefully prepared base of the roof: clean of dirt and deposits device gutters, valleys, the junction, and then to repair the concrete leveling screeds and ogruntovochnogo layer.

Roll materials best roll directly on the roof, cutting to produce the same - only in this case, you can achieve optimal seams.

The bottom layer of cloth cut to warm up the burner flame while heating the base under the roof or surface layer of the previously pasted, and then press them gently to the ground.

Should be carefully pressed to the bottom of the canvas, which prikatat rink or rubbing strokes, avoiding folds, hills, air bubbles and peeling. Ensure reliable adhesion to the base fabric roofing roofing.

When constructing the roof rarely used method of free installation of roofing materials, the essence of which lies in the making of roofing materials monolithic roof membrane with simultaneous or subsequent laying it on the roof. For this material carefully glued to each other directly on the roof, and for some types of roof coverings carpet manufactured in the sizes of the roof in the premises outside of the construction. After the device roof membrane it carefully fixed on the perimeter of the roof and prigruzhayut gravel.

Special attention is paid to the quality bonding materials together, finishing the junction roof membrane to vertical surfaces, mechanically attached roofing edges to avoid their collapse wind loads.
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