Bookmark curling

Bookmark curling - end walls - is made with adobe blocks. Make them by using wooden form of strips, the size of which corresponds to about the size of an ordinary brick. The solution is made from clay, sand and cement in the ratio 7: 2: 1. Clay loose, sifted on a sieve with a mesh of 30 x 30 mm and mixed with sand. Cement is filled with water and the solution was poured clay-sand mixture. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed, placed in wet cement milk form and well compacted. After 2 - 3 days blocks ready. They are placed in a bandage on a clay solution.
Besides glinosolomennyh, there are also glinokamyshovye roof. They do pretty much the same as the last. Is applied to the base of the roof clay solution containing chopped reeds. After it dries, the top is filled with bitumen, and some time filled heated sand.
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