Well for the preparation of clay

To prepare the clay mortar and subsequent impregnation sheaves should dig two pits depth of 1 m, 2 m long, 1.5 meters wide and the bottom wall of the pits closing plate (on the bottom you can put a soft straw) to a clay solution is mixed with the soil.
Loose and clay layers with thickness of 130-150 mm is laid on the bottom of the first pit. Each layer is filled with water at the rate of 2 parts water to 1 part clay. Once the hole is filled to 3/4 volume, the clay is kept for 6-7 hours and stir paddle or special tolkushkoy consistency of sour cream.
Check availability solution can put a straw in it.
If some time straw remains in a vertical position and stuck to her solution does not flow, the clay is ready. In order to remove any remaining lumps of clay, it must filter through a sieve with a mesh of 10 x 10 mm or a woven wicker basket.
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