Roofs made of clay and straw

Roofs made of clay and straw, usually gets a mud houses or farm buildings. Very often it is used in rural areas. The merit of this roof is that it is cheap, and fire resistant, easy to manufacture, durable (can serve 25-30 years). But glinosoloma - heavy roofing material, so the basis for it is made of solid wood.
Usually taken for laying threshed manually rye straw. Sometimes it replaces the barley or wheat straw. Straw harvested for roofing, carefully check for the presence of mold and grass.
Clay uses a bold, with its content of sand is not more than 15%. Harvest it in the fall and leave for the winter, because it becomes loose after freezing and better soak. Clay harvest rate of 1 m to 33 m of the material of the roof.
The roof is covered in the spring or early summer, so that it can dry out well. The dried clay badly eroded precipitation and cracking in the cold.
Pitch for a roof should be about 45-50 °.
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