Synthetic roofing tiles

Recent widespread, especially in the north, have a roof made of synthetic boards. They are manufactured flat and wavy, in rolls and have fiberglass base. Roofs of this material plank like and roofing of asbestos cement slabs, to whom they have a definite advantage: they are more decorative and light (Fig. 44).

Кровля из синтетических плит

Fig. 44. Synthetic roofing tiles.

Crate under tiles arrange rows of solid tesa whose thickness 25 mm, and width of 120 mm, because larger boards tend to warp badly.
First, the crate stack layer of tar paper and nail it using special clout nails. On the edges, and skating trail valley sheet roofing. And roofing, roofing material and lay, covering the underlying sheet of 100 mm. Then, in the direction from the eaves to the ridge lay synthetic plates, each of which is nailed to the bottom of clout nails with wide hat.
Shaped and eaves and ridge plates fastened with nails, not only, but also flexible mastic. Under tiles lying around the pipe, put galvanized steel collar, which for convenience is made of two parts. The collar then sealed Surikova paint. On the sides and bottom of the collar to produce 150-170 mm on the plates, and the top is filled in for them.
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