Roofing shingles

Roofing shingles - the most expensive and time-consuming of all the wooden surfaces, but these advantages are its strength, durability and extremely picturesque (Fig. 41).

Кровля из гонта

Fig. 41. Roofing shingles: a - general view: 1 - Shingle 2 - crate 3 - boards, b - gontina; (dimensions in mm).

Shingle coating has a lower weight than slate or tile, so he can choose a lighter roof structure. Under the shingle coating is not recommended to enclose a roll material as a waterproofing, as it restricts airflow shingles, causing decay.
The slope of the roof shingles - 30-50 °.
Battens under the roof made of poles and cross bars 50 x 50 mm in increments of 1/3 of the shingles.
Most often, shingles made of coniferous and oak or beech hand chopping or sawing. The first method is preferable as the material produced by sawing, has a rough surface, absorb more moisture than crushed. The best is chipped shingles pryamostvolnoy of resinous pine.
To prepare yourself shingles, you must take logs with a diameter of 300-400 mm, sawed them into pieces of 400 mm in length, each piece is split with an ax chopping block thickness of 3-4 mm and 80-100 each scaffold by thrusting blade and mallet (Fig. 42) split shingles on a thickness of 8-10 mm.

Колющее лезвие и колотушка

Fig. 42. Pointed blade and mallet.

For this block is fixed in a vice, on top of her mentees blade on which the applied short and hard hitting with a mallet. The resulting shingles can be used immediately, soak it with antiseptic.
Roofing shingles are usually three layers. In each row, the sharp edges gontin have plugged into slots on the edge of the adjacent thickened gontin and overlying gontiny should cover the joint between them. The smaller the angle of the slope, the greater the shingles should overlap. Minimum overlap is half the length of the shingles. Each gontina in the upper part of the roof is nailed to the base so that the nail was part of the crate for at least 20-25 mm.
Along the eaves of the roof is nailed board, the thickness of which shall be equal to the thickness of shingles on the ridge shingles butt.
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