Roofing shingles

Roofing shingles are traditionally used in the forest areas of Western Ukraine (Figure 39). It is particularly decorative, pronounced national flavor, simple and easy to manufacture. The slope of the roof shingles - 28-45 °.

Кровля из драни

Fig. 39. Roofing shingles: 1 - lath 2 - crate of podtesannyh poles.

Crate under a cover made of poles or bars cross-section 50 x 50 mm, which are nailed at a distance of 200-300 mm from each other.
Roofing shingles come in two-, three-and four-layer. In the horizontal rows, each shingle should overlap the other by 25-30 mm. The ramp Dranitsa upper overlapping the lower half length with a two-layer coating to 2/3 of the length - with a three-layer and 3/4 length - with four-layer coating (Fig. 40).

Укладка драни
Fig. 40. Laying shingles: 1 - lath 2 - crate.

The first series of shorter pile shingles laid down, and all the rest (short and full-length) - pile-up so that the nap was directed to the water flow. All Dranitsa in each row are placed overlapping by 1/2 or 1/3 of the width. For furring lath nailed shingle nails 1.5 x 70 mm.
Stacked horizontal rows check on the rail, which abut the ends Dranitsa. Skate is made of two boards nailed over dranochnogo coverage.
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