Boarded roof

Boarded roof can be one-and two-layer (usually two layers). Boards it is harvested straight, smooth, without knots and rotten places. Better coverage is obtained from planed softwood boards 19-25 mm thick. To make them last longer, they are pre-treated with an antiseptic, and the finished roof every 3-4 years to cover two layers of oil paint of any color waterproof. As you know, drying wood can lead to numerous cracks on its surface. To avoid this, the boards of the bottom row cover to be installed in the annual rings swell up, and the top row - down (Fig. 36).

Тесовая кровля

Fig. 36. Boarded roof: 1 - rafter 2 - purlin 3 - Board 4 - ridge board.

Boards are placed perpendicular to the ridge. When the roof of a two-layer first and second layer of boards placed end to end, leaving no gaps (Fig. 37). With a single-layer coating boards put vrazbezhku: first row - a gap that is then overlapped boards second row (Fig. 38).

Тесовая двухслойная кровля

Fig. 37. Boarded-layer roof

Тесовая однослойная кровля, крытая вразбежку

Fig. 38. Boarded-layer roof, covered vrazbezhku (dimensions in mm).

To attach the boards to the lower crate in their mid-hammered nail length of 70 mm, and for attachment to the upper edges of the nail is driven into two 100 mm long. Skate boards and edges overlap thickness of 25 mm, and the joints between the boards - a special cover strips.
To give the roof a special decorative boards can be positioned parallel to the roof ridge, connecting them overlap and having convex annual rings down.
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