Laying tiles stamped slot

Grooving stamped tiles, unlike tape, has also cross will close. Thus, the perimeter tiles are interconnected closed seam conjugations, it prevents precipitation.
This type of tile is placed on the eaves to the ridge in one layer, making the overlap in width and length by the width of the groove, or fold. Fasten it with the wire going through the eye of tile, to nail, previously driven into the crate.
That tiling is not blown by the wind, all horizontal seams mezhcherepichnye from attic coat with clay, lime-sand mortar, mixed with straw cutting, or a solution of cement, lime, with small amounts of fibrous materials (hemp, hemp).
Skate and edges are covered ridge roof pantile. On the ridge, it fits in the same direction as the on-ramp, and on the edges - always from the bottom up. The junction of the ribs with the ridge roof is sealed outlet of galvanized steel and cement mortar. Pantile solution and placed on a fixed wire, one end of which vdevaetsya the eye, and the other attached to a nail driven into the purlins.
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