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Harvested sheets and pictures go up on the roof and are displayed on the sheathing along the eaves so that it is convenient to work.
The sheets are attached to the sheathing with capping, which are bent by 20-25 mm and a nail nailed to the sheathing on the right side of the picture and a 60-75 mm are bent on standing seam. Capping cut from galvanized steel strips width of 30-40 mm and a length of 120-150 mm and a roll angle of 90 ° (Fig. 29).

Кровля из стальных оцинкованных листов

Fig. 29. The roof of galvanized steel sheets: 1 - Standing Seam 2 - recumbent fold, 3 - crate 4 - canvas paintings, 5 - capping.

Picture put vertical stripes from top to bottom, that is, from the ridge to the overhang, connecting them to each other immobile fold (Fig. 30).

Стыкование лежачего фальца

Fig. 30. Splicing recumbent fold: a - correct b - wrong.

Then the recumbent folds coat with putty and flatten by placing them steel plate thickness of 5-6 mm and a length of 800-900 mm, a width of 55-60 mm. When flattening to ensure that the seams were only horizontally. After you've taken the first set of paintings, start to the second row. Picture of the second row is placed in such a way that the edge of the large fold first

belonged to a small number of second-line rebate. Recumbent folds with the shift (horizontal) with respect to each other by about 20 mm. This makes for easy fastening standing seam.
Standing seam binding, then pressing down to the crate, a large welt on the small bend, resulting in a rib height of 20-25 mm (bend standing seam as possible after the flooring one strip, and after all the flooring strips with 2 hammers, from the ridge to the overhang). Bending big edge over small, you need to pay attention to the fact that the edges were obtained by the same height and have been carefully sealed.
On the right side set capping, and then make a new strip of pictures. After all the pictures will be placed on the upper leaves make standing seam. To do this, cut off the excess part of the leaf on the ridge on one side more and the other less, then a big welt on the little bent and well compacted.
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