The roof of sheet steel

The advantages of the roof, made of galvanized steel sheets are easy, the ability to cover the roof of any, even fairly complex configuration, a high degree of resistance to mechanical stress, longevity. The service life of a roof without major repairs - 18-25.
The disadvantages include a small roof fire and the high cost of its operation, driven mainly by the need of its periodic painting. Thus, the first time you install a roof of galvanized steel must be painted within 8-10 years, and the subsequent painting performed every 2-3 years. Black steel roof paint every 2-3 years.
Roof pitch of 18-30 °.
Laths steel roof is made of bars cross-section 50 x 50 mm, step width not exceeding 200 mm.
Instead crates of bars can make a solid floor of planks, on which is placed on top of the insulating layer of roofing felt or tar paper, and then the steel surface. This design of the roof greatly increases the service life and insulates the attic. This is especially important if the attic is used as the attic or building is built in a cold climate zone. With this device the roof, however, consider it more expensive and time consuming.
Bars or start nailing boards lathing from the eave to the ridge.
Every 4 bar nailed a board, which will be harvested joints sheets (pictures). In addition, a solid floor of planks necessarily made over ledges and eaves, under the valley sheet and valley.
The width of the deck should be at least 600-700 mm.
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