Ground under the roof and the roof

Ground under the roof of the piece or roll material can be in the form of crates or a solid floor. In the first case of its production used wooden sticks, in the second - wooden blocks and boards.
Solid floor is done in the case when used as a coating or asbestos tile roll material. Tile flooring boards spread with a small gap (less than 10 mm) in 1 layer, a web material - 2 layers of: Protective and work.
Narrow boards protective layer should be at an angle of 45 ° to the worker. Between decks placed protivovetrovuyu pad of roofing brand RPP-300, EPA-350.
Crate is used when roofing is made of corrugated asbestos cement sheets BO (slate), sheet metal, tile or wood.
When the base unit must be observed two basic requirements: all its elements must be firmly fixed to the supporting structure, and their joints over rafters - located vrazbezhku.
In addition, given the distance between the boards or bars - purlins - must be observed across the surface of the ground. The broadest of these joints need to have a roofing material, and at the ridge and eaves, and very thick (15-35 mm thicker than others) - at the eaves. Width of the base under the valley sheet must be at least 750-800 mm, and under the eaves gutters with wall - equal to the width of the overhang. In skating on the edges of the roof and wooden blocks are set on edge.

Roof - the roof top cover that protects all the design elements of the building from the weather and the water outlet on the ground. Therefore, the main requirement for the roof is watertight.
The roof can be made of different building materials: steel and asbestos cement sheets, industrial rolls and local building materials (glinosolomennyh, glinokamyshovyh etc.).
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