Types of roofs

The choice of material for the roof depends on the type of roof. This chapter introduces the basic types of roofs, as well as their individual elements.
The roofs are flat and pitched.
Flat roofs are mainly used in the construction of bath houses, barns and other outbuildings, the construction of houses is preferred pitched roofs.
Pitched roofs, in turn, are divided into the attic and bescherdachnye. Attic roof, usually made without thermal insulation, cold. Bescherdachnye roof can be cold (over unheated rooms) and warm (over heated).
The attic can be used as an additional utility room. It promotes good ventilation housing, with stove heating it is the chimney.
Recently, attics are increasingly being used for the device in their attics. There are several types of pitched roofs (Fig. 13):
- Lean, which are based on the two outer walls of varying heights;
- Gable, supported by two exterior walls of equal height;
- Poluvalmovye (Dual), in which the tops of the end walls cut into a triangle - the hip;
- Hipped, end slopes are in the form of oblique triangles, and the side - in the form of a trapezium;
- Tent, 4 of which slope in the form of identical triangles that meet at a single point;
- Broken (roof) gable, each plane which is 2 rectangles, connected by an obtuse angle.

Виды скатных крыш

Fig. 13. Types of pitched roofs: a - flat ridge, b - a steep ridge, in - hipped hipped d - lean, e - a broken ridge, e - hip hipped, g, h, i - poluvalmovye hip (attic).

The most economical and convenient are lean-to roof slope of more than 5%: it allows maximum use of the internal space of the building and can serve as a ceiling farm buildings (garages, sheds, bathhouses, etc.) that do not require it horizontally.
If you must use the attic for drying clothes, utensils or storage device mansard roof house made or broken saddle.
Hipped roof is better than all the others, withstand wind loads, but its construction requires specific skills and more time-consuming.
When choosing a type of roof is necessary to consider not only its performance, but also the arts and artistic characteristics.
Thus, high roof on one-story house, on the one hand, making it look more impressive and attractive, but on the other hand, allows the use of additional volume attic. In addition, the steep slopes of the roof almost delayed snow.
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